What is NFT Collectors?

NFT Collectors is the all in one dream for crypto enthusiasts everywhere, but caters to making surfing web3 easier for all experience levels. NFT Collectors has various different sections to give users access to a vast amount of information. You are able to see all of the upcoming collections to determine where and what you should buy next, see the rankings of the top-rated NFT collections, learn more about the space in our awesome blog section, stay up to date on untrusted projects on our blacklisted page, and even see the rarity of your favorite NFTs. Our platform even allows you to list your own collections on our website at no cost!

Who created NFT Collectors?

NFT Collectors has been created by Web3 Studio, an experienced team in the crypto space.

Can I list my own project?

Yes, you can list your own project for free! You can do so by clicking “List your Project” located in the top right of the website, on every page.

How can I get my project verified on NFT Collectors?

We are currently not yet giving out verifications. More information about verifications will be announced on our Twitter in the future. You can follow us here: @_NFT_Collectors

I found a project that “rugged” and it isn’t on the Blacklist page, can I add it?

If you have found a project that “rugged” or you believe should be blacklisted you can request to have it added by going to our “Blacklist” page and select “please fill out a form” where you can suggest we add a collection.

How can I get in contact with NFT Collectors for support / collaborations / promotions?

The best way to get in contact with our team is by contacting us through our contact page.

I want to have my article posted under your blog section, is that possible?

If you would like to post a blog or create content for our blog section, please reach out to us via our contact page.