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We would like you to take a look around your room right now as you’re reading this, and the various things that you own. Now reimagine each of these items 100 years in the future.Your television is now a hologram projector, your car is now electric and self driving (maybe even flying). The walls themselves are screens that can change color, react to your touch. Your entire house can be governed by your integrated artificial intelligence that controls your climate and anticipates your needs. This is the future, but you may not have to wait 100 years to experience it. Introducing FyRise, a glimpse into the future beyond our lifetime, experienced today. FyRise is a unique Metaverse civilization that allows users to step into the future and own tomorrow As a Fyuture citizen you’ll also have access to public spaces around town such as the Fyuture club, sports area, and much more By owning real estate within Fyuture (the first official city of FyRise), you have exclusive access to the FyRise meta realm where you’ll have access to breathtaking displays of futurist technology, architecture, clothing and design, but more importantly you’ll be a citizen of the future, and joining a community of futurist who share identical beliefs.

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PUBLIC DATE - LIVE NOW Apr 29, 2022, 12:00:00 AMUTC
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Added May 5, 2022

Master Node Cards is a ethereum collection of 3000 cards in the metaverse that are "loaded" with rewards from the nodes we will aquire with 75% of final sales if you are into nodes but dont quite have upwards of 100s of thousands to invest join Master Node Cards where we will fractionalize nodes in the form of nfts!

Added May 5, 2022

We will be releasing 5,000 Peace Preachers onto the Ethereum blockchain later this year. Our goals exceed the NFT space, we're on a mission to accomplish world peace and help those affected by wars in these uncertain times.

We will be donating a portion of sales to charities decided on by our holders as well as distributing passive income to long-term holders. BTC & ETH miners will be purchased to provide long-term passive income to our NFT holders.

Discord is still private. More information can be found on the roadmap on our website.

Added May 5, 2022

alien palz NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens on the ethereum blockchain, plus 10 1 of 1 legendary palz. Our mission is to build a global brand that you can be proud of and help build from the ground up. When you get an alien pal, you don't just get an out of this world profile pic to show off, you also get access to amazing raffles worth thousands of dollars. Plus, you will help determine the path that this collection takes in the future when it is time to incorporate merchandise and collectible items to sale! As a pal, you will get to vote directly on how money is spent from the community wallet as well as input on merch designs and types! The ultimate goal is to be so well known and recognized that we will be able to sell our merchandise in real life stores!

Added June 2, 2022