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3L3Phants NFT is a collection of 7,777 Elephants stampeding on the Ethereum blockchain. From the mind of Ic3cream and designed by World Renowned Artist Tornado Toad. Join the Herd today!

Added July 15, 2022


The Pound is where players with grit and skill can rise up the leaderboard and win prizes and perks along the way. Now’s your chance to experience exclusive member tournaments and games IRL and on the blockchain, unlike any other poker environment you’ve seen before. Stop at nothing to take the poker world by storm

Think you have what it takes? The top players will represent the Pound at the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Also be sure to join our "Redlist" on our website to secure your whitelist spot now!

Added June 2, 2022

MLC is a collection of 7,777 Metalodons Shark NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Metalodon counts as an exclusive membership card, that grants you access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE META ISLAND, a collaborative art land. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. 

By owning a Metalodon, you are part of the solution to a global problem.

Added June 2, 2022

We are the first Hybrid DAO combining AMM(automated market maker) protocol, Venture and Service  DAO offering WEB 3 SaaS ( Software as a service).

We are based on 6 pillars

  • JPEG lister :- our doxxed marketplace
  • Reincarnator:- offering burn mechanism to rugged investors
  • Wallet tracing app:- to help trace wallet of rug pull projects 
  • NFT chart data APP - to track markets and whale movements , with inbuilt sniping tool available only to our NFT holders
  • Scamvengers:- our NFT art to be released in Q3 with P2E metaverse
  • TBA but Multichain Dex and asset management protocol for discovering liquidity and trade automation!

Added June 2, 2022

The None’s 9’s club

A collection of 9999 NFTz which are unique, hand drawn and designed to be existed into the real world through Ethereum blockchain , Holding a NFT grants access to join the club which unlocks the roadmap utilities.

-Get your digital key

-Get access to the club bar


-Collectible store

-Private clubs

& lot more 

Don’t just buy a fuckin piece of art, 

Join before it gets too late !

These nones are created as  ERC -721 tokens on ETH blockchain

 Each none costs 0.09 ETH 

Max Per wallet - 3

Mint date - july 7 2022

Added June 2, 2022

TREEBROS are cute lil pixel dudes that are planted in their colorful pots and each one has a plant or a tree growing out of them. Total of 9999 brothers exist on the planet and each treebro is super unique, digitally generated from a huge number of 1053 traits, from 257 billion possibilities!

TreeBros have a huge collection of 77 different plants and trees that exist on the planet. Just like in the real world, some are rare, some are special to a country, some give you good luck, some set the mood, some give you food, some give you out of the world experience etc..! So pick which treebro suits you the best!

As part of this project, we aim to bring nature lovers together into a strong world wide community and make a positive impact on the planet we live in. In addition to planting 10K trees, we also aim to help several projects that are fighting global warming through our community! So why wait, join the brotherhood and make your mark on the planet!

Added June 2, 2022

Wolves from the back-street building a decentralized society on the Solana blockchain.

Added July 1, 2022

At Fuji our vision is to empower a movement that will revolutionize digital innovation. Our goal is to build a sustainable Fuji branded ecosystem that will be a Web3 based brand operating as a real world business with real world utility including partnerships with both Web2 and Web3 companies.

Added July 1, 2022

6666 Hell Doggies Arrive to the metaverse.

The hell doggies NFT care about the $SHIB investors and hell doggies holders. We will burn the 50% of the primary market, all the SHIBARMY will talk about our project!! Receive passive incomes just for holding a NFT: -community wallet. 30% of funds of the secondary market & 25% of the primary market.
-Merch shop. 40% of utilities will be destined to holders. Exclusive giveaways, NFTs & more for the holders.

Added June 2, 2022

Growth NFT inspired by the stages and process with humans pass to grow into adults. One if the process includes feeding which is shown on the painting. The painting portrays a lad feeding from locally made calabash plate

Added May 5, 2022

Are you tired of collecting the same old monkey NFT just with a different outfit? Or collecting the same piece of art just with a variation? Why not try something new, and own art that is new, fresh, and bizarre! This NFT project features characters of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. So what are you waiting for?

Added July 5, 2022

Chief Toad is G-Link’s genesis NFT collection, which acts as a VIP membership into G-Link’s gameverse. As the world’s first story-based NFT, members who follow the story closely will be rewarded with alpha. Discord closed, will be giving out invites on Twitter.

Added June 2, 2022

Monkey CryptoPunks is a limited collection of 9,999 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, each piece is unique.

The Monkeys on this collection contain hundreds of different traits, making it one of the most valuable collections on the blockchain.

Added May 5, 2022

Imagine how in 2019 everyone was afraid of the coronavirus? Many were hiding in bunkers, many were sitting at home, but our KoronaMAN, despite the year 2022 along with the problems of 2022, still does not take off his mask, maybe he will take it off someday?

Added July 4, 2022

First, please check out our gallery before buying, your mind will be blown, our new drops are on the left-hand wall : https://dogegenerals.com/gallery/

New Doge Generals have been minted! Secure your place in the largest Historical Meme Gallery in the Metaverse! Doge Generals are fine 1/1 art with a post-neo-modern twist. Doge Generals are fully animated and each one has a dope soundtrack so that you really feel like you are there. The team's incredibly talented artists created a truly special experience based on historical figures from all over the world. In partnership with @TheDogeAcademy, we host weekly historical Twitter spaces with famous historians and podcasters. Please let me know if you join and we will give you a warm shout-out for showing your support! Buying a Doge General also entitles you to an allowlist spot for the upcoming Doge Academy PFP mint!

Doge Generals Website and gallery (Best on PC): https://dogegenerals.com/gallery/

Doge Generals on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogeGenerals

The Doge Academy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDogeAcademy

The Dog Park Discord: https://discord.gg/rgfvWnF2mZ

Added July 2, 2022


One World Human,  is a collection of 4.500 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain 

This project is characterized by its main objective and benefit, which is to provide a great sustainable contribution to the nutritional impact of 4,500 low-income Spanish-speaking children, specifically from the Republic of Ecuador 

Our financial team will allocate 50% of the value offered at launch and will allocate it in the monthly delivery (for 12 months (ONE YEAR) in PRODUCTS AND FOOD from the Family basket with all the necessary specifications for adequate child nutrition of the 4,500 children represented in this Digital NFT project.

What benefit does the buyer have?

 1.     ONE MILLION DOLLARS will be invested in the construction of a Cryptocurrency Mining Plant (Farm), which will be sustained with electricity from SOLAR PANELS to reduce polluting emissions and help the environment. The monthly profits will be distributed in equal percentages to the OWNERS or holders of Tokens of each Acquired NFT.

1 All OWNERS or holders of our Tokens will participate in 12 Draws (one each month) for $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US dollars)

2If the OWNER or holder of our Tokens is a manufacturer or distributor of any of the food products selected for the Project, their Proforma may be evaluated with priority.

3 The OWNERS or holders of our Tokens will have privileged access to the One World Human / Collection V1 VIP community. Where they will be able to obtain unpublished images and live videos of the delivery of the Packages.

5 the OWNERS or holders of our Tokens may physically participate in the One World Human/ Collection V1 Logistics and human talent volunteering.

Note to Consider:

BONUS COMMUNITY: $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) will be raffled among five token owners. See Policies of (BONUS COMMUNITY)

One million dollars will be made available for the construction of an auditorium for spiritual help for the Christian community. One World Church.

Through your purchase, you benefit 4,500 Represented children.


1. Inspiration Stage:

  Write the One World Human Project.

Capture roadmap V1.

  Design of 4,500 NFT Images and Upload to the Blockchain

  Design of social networks and web page.

  (April 15, 2022 to May 31, 2022).

2.One World Human/General Community Stage:

  Twitter Community Announcements. (May 01, 2022)

 Present Project (marketing).

Discord Activation

(May 15, 2022).

3. Launch Stage (MINT):

 The launch of One World Human will be 4,500 unique NFTs that, in addition to being a ticket to our community and unlocking many valuable benefits, will benefit 4,500 underprivileged children.

  (To define)

4.  Revealed Stage:

 The Revealing of the NFT Images will be on Monday

  In this Stage the One World Human VIP Community is Unlocked

 All buyers will have real-time access to the benefits of being a token holder and the benefit of the little dreamers.

  Privileged information is delivered in the VIP Community.

(To define)

5.  Little Dreamers Technical Stage:

 Make the final and select list of the 4,500 benefited children

 Make a list of food products with Nutrition Professionals.

  Carry out negotiations with food and transport producers.

  Make contracts. (The VIP Group has access to the information mentioned above)

(To define)

6. Technical Stage Crypto Farm Construction (and One World Church):

Perform search and local or land contracts

Performs search and Purchase of Processors and other technical aspects.

 Build Crypto Mine Farm. (and One World Church).

(To define)

7. Little Dreamers Delivery Stage:

the first 5 days of the month with the volunteer team, food products and more benefits will be delivered to the children represented.

the first 5 days of the month the draw will be held for $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US dollars) for each holder of our NFT Tokens.

the first 5 days of the month Each owner of the Token will be given their respective percentage of profit from the Mining farm. (Once Activated and running)

(To define)

8. Special Stages:

 Delivery of Christmas Gifts: December 20, 2022.

 School seasons: May 02, 2023.


Once the year of deliveries of food products has ended and the capital generated from 50% of the sale has ended, a select group of Children will CONTINUE TO BE SUPPORTED INDEFINITELY with the capital raised by 50% of the ROYALTIES.

You can get all the details on our website.


Mint Price: 0.67 ETH.


Discord: https://discord.gg/paZAD4WEhq

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneWorldSite

Website: https://www.oneworldhuman.com/

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oneworldhumannft/

(This is not a Crypto Punk nor Bored Ape but this One World Human will explode in your heart. Cool Art Nft Collection!!)

Added June 2, 2022

Pixie Bears collection of 5555 Solana NFTs represents a group of bears who had just woken up from a long hibernation and are ready to gather all the resources and never again worry about getting fat for winter. All the bear necessities you might imagine. Salmon, berries, and of course, $Honey. Fat for life! Safe from those pesky hunters and their guns. All through unity.

Added June 2, 2022

Snowy Owl created an high efficient AI/ML-based trading bot for crypto. This includes TA, Blockchain analysis, and media analysis. We are building a platform, where everyone can use this bot to trade with their cryptocurrencies.

With one snowy owl NFT, you will automatically get a business share in Q4 (IPO). So, with our NFT you will get passive income and participate in the future of crypto trading.

Added May 5, 2022

Our project is the story of a feisty Gypsy. First chapter is about how he became a cool guy that everyone wants to meet. Next chapters tell about his adventures. Are you looking forward to it?

So for starters – our Gypsy stole loot from the Russians using a tractor. Are you curious what was among them? Check out the #sneak-peek channel on our Discord to find out. The art concept includes a strong touch of humor (!) However, the project includes plenty of innovative solutions and utilities that will turn your view of NFT’s value upside down.

Our key goal is to create a close-knit and engaged Community whose activities will be aimed at developing and growing the value of tokens. We want You to harvest from the Gypsy life. That’s why the project consists of a well-thought-out Tokenomics strategy developed by the strong gypsy heads. As long as we have the support of a Gypsy fairy who predicts the future, we know what to do. You are yet to meet her… Details coming soon, so stay with us!

Our 4,000 NFT collection was invented by art enthusiasts. It combines a semi-satirical way of depicting current events with elements of abstraction.

The collection is made up of well over 200 features. As many as 9 variable layers that blend together make each character completely different! Many times, one of the Team members woke up in the middle of the night with loads of crazy ideas.

That’s why You can have both a gypsy who steals a tank and is dressed in military garb, and his alter-ego – wrapped in stretch tape holding money next to a tractor pulling a gas pipeline straight out of the ground.

Added June 2, 2022

Genesis Project by Dada Labs NFT Studio 

Only 3333 unique Dada Woman NFTs on Ethereum blockchain to bridge the Physical & Meta worlds! 

Each holder will receive a physical peice of art based on the Dada Woman collection and can participate in its design

Community centre - Club - Art Museum in Metaverse for all dada members! 

Take a chance to become a virtual designer with Dada Woman in the new era of Web3. 

Join our Discord to get Early Access and Exclusives: https://discord.gg/dadawoman

MINT DATE: 3-rd of July 2022
Price: 0.088 ETH (pre sale)
Website: https://dada-labs.com

Added June 2, 2022

Sassy Strawberry Society – $100,000 Giveaways

Sassy Strawberry Society is a unique digital collection of 10,101 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with each NFT having a unique set of traits. NFT holders become members of an exclusive community that supports the startup social enterprise Africa4Code, which in turn can support our community as it scales.

We produced an NFT Collectible to help raise funds for Africa4Code, which trains young disadvantaged software engineers, and to prove it can be done despite third world challenges. We believe it's high-quality artwork that you will enjoy. In addition to offering the usual airdrops, merchandise and competitions, our NFT is aligned to advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision is to create an amazing project that makes a difference and brings joy through creativity.  We're hoping the community recognizes our promising project and helps us succeed.

Members may mint a Sassy Strawberry for 0.08 ETH. You stand a chance of winning your share of US$50,000 in giveaways. You can also earn your share of US$50,000 in whitelist referral rewards.


Earn your share of US$50,000 in whitelist referral rewards.  

Whitelist members have access to the presale and the first chance to mint. There are limited slots available. Visit our site to sign up for our whitelist. Get your unique referral code after providing your wallet address. SSS will pay you US$5 for every person who signs up with your code and buys during the Presale!


A total of US$50,000 will be awarded in giveaways to our amazing community as per our roadmap:


25% – US$5,000 GIVEAWAY

50% – US$10,000 GIVEAWAY

75% – US$15,000 GIVEAWAY

100% – US$20,000 GIVEAWAY


We are also a community that believes in giving back to society.  SSS will donate US$25,000 to support Africa4Code.


Access to NFT Airdrops

Access to Competitions

Access to Merchandise

Advancing Social Impact

Africa4Code support for Artists and Developers


The Whitelist closes on June 28, 2022 15:00 UTC

The Presale starts on July 01, 2022 15:00 UTC

The Public Sale starts on July 03, 2022 15:00 UTC



Added May 5, 2022

The Lucky Golden Tree is an Environment and Economy focused collection which aims at betterment of Mother Earth while huge returns to Hodlers.

This project has been planned in such a way, that it provides maximum daily life utility to the owner:

·        A free, daily use private, secure and decentralised VPN

·        Free access to international hotel and resort chain for lifetime

·        A property in the beautiful valley of Himalayas where one can stay for a lifetime and even transfer it to its future generations.

·        DAO voting right

·        TLGTverse

·        Social Works

·        A NGO or News Reporter ID card.

·        TLGTverse and P2E Game

·        Clubs and Museums on different Metaverse

·        With my new and revolutionary concept (To be revealed at a future date) we are aiming to revolutionise the traditional Play2Earn mechanism.

And to Mother Nature as well:

·        Mass planting a total of 500,000+ trees at Stage 1.x.

·        Conducting awareness campaigns for social issues like climate changes, global warming etc.

·        Multiple awareness quizzes with loads of prizes.

·        And our Revolutionary concept to save our Mother Earth.

Basic Info:

·    Total Supply: 11,111 TLGT NFTs

·    Presale:     TBD

·    Pricing Structure

                   Stage 1.1   |   1-100    0.01 eth

                   Stage 1.2  |   101-1000   0.05 eth

                   Stage 1.3  |   1001-5000   0.5 eth

                   Stage 1.4  |   5001-11000 1 eth

·    Blockchain         :    Polygon

The Lucky Golden Tree is a Utility Collection under Planet TLGT

Added May 5, 2022

WarLand is the next-level MMORPG game with NFT integration.

We are focused and working hard on developing the best gaming environment experience, different combat modes, utilities, and resources.

Our collection has 2222 unique swords that were made on the Solana blockchain.  Things like a free membership in the WarLand game, staking, and access to the metaverse club it is also available but only for holders.

Added June 2, 2022

Chill out and enjoy with Chill Benji NFTs

What a chill life! This is the main slogan of the life of Benjamin Franklin. But not the famous one who looks at us from a 100-dollar banknote. But another one, also famous aka Chill Benji, is known for his travels, love for GSD, and collection of 3D images pegged to NFTs.

In the right place, at the right time

Two years of the pandemic exhausted everyone. But now the pandemic is passing, and like the timid rays of the sun through the clouds, the joys of meetings and travels are returning. Chill Benji has always loved to travel and share experiences with everyone, making friends all over the world. Now he has decided to do it with NFTs and create a global community. This is an ambitious task that only an ambitious person can do. Chill Benji is a person! Thanks to his scientific mind, Chill Benji basically created a lot of things, as he says, like working from home, bifocals, essential oils, and the expression 'Let's go see the Opera and Chill'. After all this, he tried his hand as a travel influencer. But it turned out that he was too famous not to be recognized, so his articles were not as the vérité as he had liked. But he found that his travels had an important additional aspect due to the fact that he was always a bit of a fashionista. He always traveled with a variety of fresh outfits and accessories to keep his true Identity in disguise, while also allowing him to look fabulous. This led to creating a wardrobe of beautiful things. It remains only to launch 10 thousand NFTs, to which these outfits and accessories are pegged to. Now Chill Benji will have even more friends, and each of them will receive a piece of Chill Benji from a set of 10,000 unique 3D artworks.

But that's not the whole story.

Chill out with GSD

Traveling all over the world, Chill Benji ended up in Europe, and more precisely, in Germany. And here he saw someone who led an even more idle and carefree life than himself. It was a German Shepherd puppy dog, who seemed to be a stray, with no one around to claim or care for him. The dog was loafing around with a few other strays, and it was pretty full of joy i.e. chill. That’s why Chill Benji fell in love with the little moocher pup and decided to adopt him, and called him 'GSD', short for ‘German Shepherd Dog’. The two have now become inseparable while returning to the US and after they returned. This is the way Benji starts his own family. There's a lot to come on their journey together, while the puppy grows older. And new rare NFTs can be added to the already known 10k 3D artworks. But already now, holders of uniquely rare Chill Benji’s NFTs are getting whitelist opportunities into upcoming collections, plus pre-sole pricing on future collections.

These are just two benefits, but there are many more. Chill Benji is good at making friends, so he is generous while building a strong and trust-driven community. Some more options for holders are:

- Random airdrops for Chill Benji holders. Tokens will be dropped just from the sky!

- Discounted rates on merchandise. Up to 15% discount on all Chill Benji merchandise!

- Holders have a say in the future Chill Benji projects - if they have anything to say.

- Special requests or custom Chill Benji projects. This is very special, but why not try?


So what do we know about the exclusive collection of Chill Benji's NFTs?

First, Chill Benji is a scientific fashionista well known for his invention, like the lightning rod, which was decidedly not very chill. And after being fried on the whole invention thing (in more ways than one), he decided to try his hand as a travel influencer. And it was a great idea, because traveling around the world, Chill Benji tried to look fashionable and fit the people of every country he visited. Thus, a huge wardrobe and a set of accessories were formed, which are now pegged to a collection of 10,000 NFTs and 6 rarity traits that make each NFT unique. They will be available at the OpenSea marketplace very soon.

Second, Chill Benji starts his own family and has adopted a German Shepherd puppy dog ​​called GSD – i.e. ‘German Shepherd Dog’. Chill Benji hints that a new NFT collection may be coming while the puppy is growing older.

And last but not least: Chill Benji is very interested in building a strong and trust-driven community. That’s why the holders can get a lot of gifts and benefits like airdrops, discounts on merchandise, participation in new projects, and even something special from Chill Benji, like a custom project. As he says himself – What a chill life!

Added June 2, 2022