What is an NFT Game?

Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation, you can’t have failed to have been exposed to the noise being created by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are allowing people to earn money by trading in digital assets such as memes, digital pictures, video clips or NFT games.

What is an NFT Game?

While many may have an awareness of the majority of those digital assets, not everyone is familiar with NFTs games. These are play to earn games meaning that players have the opportunity to earn money as they enjoy a top-quality video game.


NFTs games have proven to be a great way for game publishers to monetise what they’ve created. As well as benefiting these game publishers, the few can deny that, for players, the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency just by playing a game is nothing short of amazing.


While you’ll no doubt understand the value of NFT collections, perhaps you’d like to learn more about NFTs games. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. Read on to learn all that there is to know about this exciting, new style, of video game.




Desperate to get the key points straight away? This ‘What is an NFT game’ overview is written just for you. Of course, you’re going to need to keep reading to get the finer detail, but the key takeaways are:


  • NFTs games allow players to earn money while they are playing
  • A video game may come with game items within the play such as skins, weapons, armour, or virtual avatars 
  • NFT marketplaces are becoming more and more common, allowing game publishers to get their video games out there
  • One of the most popular NFTs games, so far, is Axie Infinity 
  • These games provide a whole new way of building NFT collections


Perhaps what’s really exciting about this digital asset type is the fact that, relatively speaking, it is still in its infancy. What has been produced so far has been phenomenal, but the reality is that we still have so much more to come.


If you’re keen to know more about how you can earn money from NFTs games, then read on.


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So, what is an NFT game?

If you have a basic understanding of NFTs, then you’ll already have some idea of what an NFT game may be. On a simple level, all that is being looked at is a video game that, in one form or another, incorporates NFTs.  Whereas other digital assets are all about holding, NFT games allow players to interact. This is done via purchases of game items such as weapons and avatars. The fact that these are all play to earn games means that players can also generate an income.


NFTs games allow for the creation of unique, and limited, tokens. These tokens can be exchanged with other non-fungible tokens that exist on the blockchain. The decentralised digital ledger means that players have true ownership. With this true ownership comes the right to swap, create, and implement NFTs within a game. It is the game publishers that create smart contracts and these set the rules for exactly how the NFTs can be used.



The state of the NFT games industry 

As we said a little earlier, the NFTs games industry is really only just getting going. Given that NFT collections themselves are still relatively new, there is still quite some time for this industry to evolve. That being said, what has been achieved in such a short space of time is beyond impressive. These play to earn games have certainly proved popular and, in 2021, they generated around $4.8 billion in revenue. If that’s not impressive enough, during the single month of January 2022, they went on to generate a further $1 billion. 


Businesses are starting to see the real value of NFTs games and this is leading to impressive levels of investment. The sci-fi card game, Parallel was able to raise some $50 million in funding. The excitement is all being caused by the fact that these NFTs games are offering a new way for game publishers to monetise their creations through the use of NFT collections and game items. Given that there are millions of gamers around the world, there is a huge marketplace to tap into.



Should you look at creating an NFT game?

In a word, ‘yes’. Of course, we’re not just going to leave it there though. When you look at the numbers involved, when it comes to people who enjoy playing a video game or two, they are quite staggering. It is estimated by 2024 that there will be around 3 billion gamers. All of these people would like nothing more than the chance to earn money as they’re doing something that they enjoy. 


With NFT collections already hugely popular, it is predicted that by 2025, the NFTs games industry will generate in excess of $260 billion. Here’s a look at some of the other reasons that businesses are developing NFT games, and why you should too:


Brand awareness

If you’re looking to tap into a new marketplace then NFT games could be the answer. Given the popularity of NFTs, these games provide the perfect opportunity to raise your brand amongst Millennials and those who are tech-savvy.


Additional revenue streams

When a gaming token is transacted, there is the opportunity for the game owner to make additional money. The amounts will depend upon the popularity of the in-game NFT or the NFT game itself. 



NFTs games mean that owners have 100% control over their assets. The attractive thing here is that players are able to earn in crypto if they choose to sell their NFTs. With physical ownership being so appealing, there is a great incentive to play, and this brings the opportunity to generate more and more of an income. 


Lack of maintenance needed

NFTs games require investment upfront. However, after this, there is little more that is needed. This one-off expenditure has the possibility of providing an ongoing, passive, income.


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Should I buy and sell NFT games?

There are plenty of reasons why you should explore the possibility of buying and selling NFTs games. In fact, the benefits are so fantastic that there are those creating niche in this area and are already being handsomely rewarded. Just some of the benefits that you can tap into by trading NFTs games include:


Scarcity = high value

By the nature of NFTs, only a limited number of these are available in the marketplace. When something is scarce, like this, there is always the potential for values to be pushed up.


An easy way to make money

All that you need to do is to take a look around at the number of people who own NFT collections. Why do they have these? Well, quite simply NFTs are highly collectable. This provides a perfect way to make money that is relatively simple.


One step ahead

As we have already pointed out, NFTs games are in their infancy. By getting in now, you can still be one of the early adopters. As history has shown on numerous occasions, being an early adopter tends to bring some of the highest rewards.



A look at NFT marketplaces

If you want to create your own digital asset, in the form of an NFT game, there are several NFT marketplaces that assist you to do this. They allow you to create, mint, and trade. Just some of the available NFT marketplaces include:



This is an NFT marketplace that is built for Ethereum. The appeal here is that you are able to create something unique without the need to learn any complicated coding.



This NFT marketplace allows developers to create a unique blockchain along with its own set of rules. 



This is an end-to-end blockchain platform for games. You will find that this NFT marketplace is easy to use as well as being secure.



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Top NFT games

There are plenty of popular NFTs games to choose from. Here’s a look at just two of the most popular:


Axie Infinity

From game publishers Sky Mavis, this is a game that has some similarities to Pokemon. While playing, there is the chance to breed and collect pets that are NFT based. These are known as Axies. Every Axie has its own set of unique strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited while doing battle with other players.


Alien Worlds

This is a game that allows players to explore other planets. Players are able to acquire NFTs as well as take part in battles and complete in-game quests.



CryptoBlades is another engaging RPG blockchain game. Users can earn SKILL tokens by fighting in-game battles and defeating enemies.


Farmers World

Farmers World is a simulation P2E game that has attracted a lot of attention lately. Players are challenged to grow and harvest their crops using various tools.




What is the difference between NFT games and NFT art?

NFT art usually forms part of an NFT collection. NFT games, on the other hand, are much more functional and may be used to buy game items to use during the gameplay.


What are in-game items?

These are items that can be collected while playing and, if you chose, be sold on for a profit. Some of the most common in-game items include avatars, video game skins, and weapons. 


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