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How to create an NFT?

If you’re reading this, let’s assume that you already know what NFTs are. If that’s not the case, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Check out this article first and then come back here!

Your friends can’t stop telling you about the last NFT project they invested in and now you want a piece of the action? Or perhaps you’re an artist who wants to digitalize their artwork and make some dough (not gonna happen?) at the same time? After all, who doesn’t want to make $69 million with a JPEG, right?

How to create an NFT?

Regardless of your motivation, here’s how to make your own NFT on the ETH blockchain in 5 easy steps.

  1. Select your artwork
  2. Set up your metamask wallet and add some ETH
  3. Select a marketplace to list your artwork
  4. Upload your NFT
  5. Sell your artwork and (possibly) become a multimillionaire in no time



Select your artwork

First things first (and quite logically), you’ll need to decide what you want to turn into an NFT! You can potentially transform any digital file you want and immortalize it on the blockchain, as long as you have the property rights. It could be a song, a tweet, a painting, a video, or any other media that can be translated into a digital artwork.



Set up your Metamask Wallet and add some ETH

You should know first that it is possible to mint NFTs on a variety of blockchains, such as Solana, Avalanche, Tesoz and, of course, Ethereum. With that being said, and for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to the Ethereum blockchain.

In order to create and mint your first NFT, you’ll need to connect a crypto-wallet to the NFT marketplace of your choice.


Metamask is the most used wallet in the world and is compatible with the ETH blockchain. You can download Metamask for free on your phone or directly in your browser and set everything up in less than 5 minutes. Then, all you need to do is to put some ETH on it (around $100-200 worth of Ethereum should be good, depending on the potential fees that your chosen marketplace charges to list your NFT).

metamask wallet nft


Select a marketplace to list your artwork

After correctly setting up your Metamask wallet, you’ll need to choose a marketplace that supports the ETH blockchain in order to create and list your NFT.


The most famous ones that fit this criterion are Rarible, Mintable and, of course, OpenSea, which we recommend you to pick for a few reasons. Not only is OpenSea the largest NFT marketplace in the world, displaying collections like CryptoPunk or the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it is also incredibly easy to use and, more importantly, the process to mint your own NFT is free!


Another notable point is that you don’t have to be a registered artist to start creating NFTs on OpenSea. Anyone can do it, as long as you’ve created a wallet on the ETH blockchain and connected it to your OpenSea account.


To do so, go to the OpenSea website and click on the wallet icon in the top right corner, next to the user icon. You’ll then be able to connect different wallets to the marketplace. Choose Metamask and wait for the pop-up to appear. Then, confirm the wallet connection to OpenSea directly through Metamask, and that’s about it! The process is fortunately quite straightforward.



Upload your NFT

This is where the fun begins. Now that you’ve linked your ETH wallet to the marketplace, you can actually create your own NFT!


The first step is to find a name for your collection. Even if you plan to make only 1 NFT, you’ll need to create a new collection. Head over to “Profile” in the top menu, then choose “My Collections”. From there, you can upload the logo of your collection, name it, and even set up the percentage fee you wish to collect every time someone resells your NFT (royalties).


Once you are done with this part, click on the “Create” button, still located in the top menu, to initiate the minting process of your very own Non-Fungible Token.


First, you need to update a file that is supported by the marketplace. The supported file types are: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB and GLTF. Keep in mind that there’s also a maximum file size of 100mb.


After you have successfully updated the file, your NFT is almost ready to be minted. The last step is to find a name and write a description. The Ethereum blockchain should be also already selected by default. Take a look over the information you’ve entered, and if everything looks right to you, click “Create” at the end of the page.




Sell your artwork and (possibly) become a multimillionaire in no time

Congratulations, you just created your first NFT!


What now? Well, the next logical step would be to put up your newly minted token up for sale on OpenSea to actually make some money on it.

Let’s not waste any time: head to your collection and find your new item. Click on “Sell” to go to the selling page. You can now put a fixed price on your NFT or choose to auction it from a specific amount and … that’s it!


Now it becomes a waiting game, until someone notices and chooses to buy your NFT.

But before we wrap this little guide up, we would like to add one more thing that may eventually help you: MARKET the sh*t out of your NFT on social media or it will probably never sell. Unless, of course, you’re already famous like the Disaster Girl meme. After all, she did sell her NFT for 180 ETH (735k) …

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