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5 Upcoming NFT Drops (5th - 9th July)

We’re here again this week with a round-up of the best upcoming NFTs. We’re going to be taking a look at the NFT projects that will be with us very soon so that you can get a feel for exactly what they’re all about. Choosing which new NFTs to get in on can be a bit of a minefield but, as you read on, you’ll find that we’ve simplified it all as much as possible. Here’s a look at what to expect this week:


5 Upcoming NFT Drops (5th - 9th July)

1) Chief Toad 

Public mint date: 5th July 2022

Website: https://www.chieftoad.com/

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 10,000

picture of the NFT called Chief Toad

Not only does Chief Toad come with some stunning artwork, but it also comes with the chance to land some great rewards. As G-Links very first NFT collection, Chief Toad also brings with it VIP membership to G-Link’s gameverse. If you’re on the lookout for firsts, what you’ll find here is the world’s very first story-based NFT where you’re rewarded for following the story closely.


2) Lyari Wolves

Public mint date: 6th July 2022

Website: N/A

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 6,666

picture of the NFT called Lyari Wolves

Now Lyari Wolves aren’t just any kind of wolves: they are wolves with a serious amount of attitude. As your browse the impressive artwork, you soon get the feeling that everything here is about being a little on the cool side. These are wolves that come from back street buildings and are all about building a decentralised society on the Solana blockchain.


3) Fuji

Public mint date: 6th July 2022

Website: https://www.fujivillage.com/

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 3,500

picture of the NFT called Fuji

What you get with Fuji is the kind of artwork that’s on a par with anime. The thing is, what’s on offer here goes much deeper than the artwork. Fuji aims to revolutionise digital innovation. The goal is to build an ecosystem and brand that operates as a real-world business with real-world utility. This involves partnerships with both Web2 and Web3 companies.


4) Haro Buru

Public mint date: 8th July 2022

Website: https://www.haroburu.io/

media: Twitter  Discord  Instagram 

Supply: 6,666

picture of the NFT called Haro Buru

Designed by renowned artists, Haro Buru offers a premium indie collection of NFTs. These NFTs give the owners access to the BURU space and a glimpse into what the metaverse is set to offer. The aim is to close the gap between the physical and the virtual and you will learn more by becoming part of the community.


5) Titan Clash

Public mint date: 9th July 2022

Website: https://titanclash.xyz

Social media: Twitter 

Supply: 7,777

picture of the NFT called Titan Clash

Titan Clash offers some truly breathtaking artwork all of which is based on Greek mythology. By becoming part of Titan, you have the chance to help to develop the story as well as the chance to earn for your efforts.



Final Thoughts:

That’s the last of our NFT drops today. If new NFTs are something that you’re keen to stay on top of, you can see even more upcoming NFTs by clicking here


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