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5 Upcoming NFT Drops (26th June - 2nd July)

It’s time for us to take a look at the upcoming NFTs for this week. You’re going to find some truly outstanding NFT projects that you’re going to want to get involved with. If that’s caught your attention, and you want to know more, read on.

5 Upcoming NFT Drops (26th June - 2nd July)


Public mint date: 26th, June 2022

Website: https://daosaur.com

Social Media: Twitter  Discord  Instagram 
Daosaur NFT

If you’re a fan of all things dinosaur, then you’re going to love these new NFTs. Daosaur takes dinosaur-type characters and dresses them as if they were destined to walk alongside us. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, there are 3,333 of these unique, yet fierce, Daosaurs to collect. As soon as you lay your eyes on one, you’re certainly going to want to invest.


Sleepy Sniper Society 

Public mint date: 28th, June 2022

Website: https://sleepysnipersociety.com/

Social Media: Twitter  Discord
Sleepy Sniper NFT

As upcoming NFTs go, this is one certainly worthy of your attention. As you become a holder of a Sleepy Sniper Society NFT, you are rewarded with access to a whole host of benefits. There are trading tools, events, and tournaments where you can land yourself some great prizes. There’s also NFT staking and passive $SLEEP token generation to get involved with too. The artwork here is pretty spectacular too with it being hand crafted by the artists behind the heavy metal band, Sabaton.


The Parrot Boss

Public mint date: 29th, June 2022

Website: https://theparrotboss.io

Social Media: Twitter  Discord  Instagram 
The Parrot Boss NFT

The Parrot Boss is a series of 6,969 unique parrot-type NFTs. The story behind the token is all based on how birds came to the fore after an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. These birds had been living out of sight and were extremely intelligent and even had a touch of charisma. These parrots decided to form their own unique culture and you now have the opportunity to be part of it.


Roswell Alien Club

Public mint date: 30th, June 2022

Website: https://roswellalienclub.com

Social Media: Twitter  Discord  Instagram 
Roswell Alien Club NFT

These aliens are the artwork of Rafael Scasserra, This new NFT collection features 11,111 randomly generated aliens all of which are amazing to see. Beyond the stunning artwork, there are other reasons to hold these NFTs: it grants you access to the likes of huge cash prizes, dividends, merchandise, events, and much more.


Pluto Pigs

Public mint date: 30th, June 2022

Website: https://www.plutopigs.xyz/

Social Media: Twitter  Discord 
Pluto Pigs NFT

If you’re wondering what Pluto Pigs is all about, it’s an upcoming NFT project with 8,888 utility-enabled NFT art PFPs. While the artwork is stunning, there is more to this project than just that. Holders join the community where all holders can hang out together. Time will tell what this interaction leads to.


Final Thoughts:

NFT drops today, and any other this week, are looking outstanding. If you'd like to be in the know about all new NFTs, take a look here at even more upcoming projects.


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