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5 Upcoming NFT Drops (18th - 21st July)

Are you the kind of person who’s always looking for new NFTs? Not just any NFTs though, You want to get the details of the best upcoming NFT projects so that you have the chance to be involved from the start. If that sounds at all like you, the good news is that you’re in the right place to find all of the best upcoming NFTs for this week. Read on to find out more.


5 Upcoming NFT Drops (18th - 21st July)

1) DogZone

Public mint date: 18th July 2022

Website: https://www.dogzone.io

Social media: Twitter  Discord

Supply: 2,222

nft picture of dog zone

The DogZone NFT comes as a play-to-earn gaming concept. When you invest in one of the NFTs, your dog becomes your freedom fighter and grants you access to an exclusive club. In this club, you’ll find that there’s access to some great rewards. Another great detail here is that dogs can breed and create completely new puppy NFTs to add to your collection.


2) Temple Cats

Public mint date: 18th July 2022

Website: https://templecats.xyz

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 3,333

nft picture of temple cats

This upcoming NFT sees there being 3,333 cats all up for adoption. By adopting one of these, you get to join a new world where you’ll make friends and watch as a community grows. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, Temple Cats have created their own utopia in the metaverse.


3) Ape Night Club

Public mint date: 20th July 2022

Website: https://apenightclub.io

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 8,888

nft picture of ape night club

Ape Night Club (ANC) is all about fun. With 8,888 unique apes to choose from, the aim of the creators here is to produce the best vibe ever in the metaverse. Classing themselves as ‘party animals’ ‘clubbers’, and ‘dreamers’, this could be one of the most exciting NFTs yet.


4) Cosmic Citizens

Public mint date: 21st July 2022

Website: https://www.cosmiccitizens.io

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 5,555

nft picture of cosmic citizen

If you’re looking for NFTs where the graphics are outstanding, but there’s also a good storyline to go with it, then Cosmic Citizens could be just what you’re looking for. These NFTs are based upon a species that has lived in peace for generations, but that all changes when the Cosmic Invaders hit the scene.


5) KikiVerse

Public mint date: 21st July 2022

Website: https://www.kikiverse.gg

Social media: Twitter  Discord 

Supply: 10,000

nft picture of kikiverse

With artwork coming from FourLeafClover, you can be sure that what you get here are NFTs with graphics that are simply stunning. These are hand-drawn characters that everyone will be looking to grab hold of as they’re released on the Solana Blockchain.



Final thoughts

As far as NFT drops today go, that’s our look at the best 5 done with for now. If you want to know more about new NFTs, and to get in before anyone else can, why not head over here and find even more NFT projects that are due to drop soon. 


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