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5 Upcoming NFT Drops (13th-15th June)

It’s always great to see the arrival of new NFTs. When looking at what’s due to hit this week, you will see that there are some truly outstanding NFT projects that you’re going to want to get in on. Want to know more? Let’s dive in and look at five of the best upcoming NFTs:


5 Upcoming NFT Drops (13th-15th June)


Public mint date: 13th June 2022

Website: https://yauga.io

Social media: Twitter Discord


What Yauga has to offer is certainly unique in the world of NFTs. The aim here is to bring meditation, breath work, and yoga to the Metaverse. This is accessed by purchasing one of the 5,000 Genesis Collection Yauga mats. Your purchase sees you being granted access to a secret wellbeing club that comes with numerous perks and opportunities. 



Culture Cubs

Public mint date: 13th June 2022

Website: https://www.snobiety.com

Social media: Twitter Discord 

culture cubs

When looking at upcoming NFTs, Culture Cubs is certainly worthy of attention. It is a 6,666 utility-enabled PFP collection. Each cub gives access to a private members app that is due to be launched shortly after mint. Those who become holders will be rewarded with access to venture labs as well as being invited to exclusive events. There are numerous other perks that are well worth exploring too.



Crypto Racers Genesis 

Public mint date: 13th June 2022

Website: https://cracers.com

Social media: Twitter Discord 

Crypto Racers GenesisĀ 

What’s been offered here is well worth a look if you’re wanting a touch of excitement. This is a generative collection of 10,000 unique 1/1 Racer NFTs. The racers take part in monthly races and winners are rewarded with either ETH or even NFTs. There is also the opportunity for owners to take part in community events and challenges. 



Bad Girlfriend Project

Public mint date: 14/06/2022

Website: https://mygf.io/

Social media: Twitter

bad girlfriend nft

The NFT collection consists of 6,000 ‘Bad Girlfriends’ on the Ethereum Blockchain. The game is a pseudo-dating simulator about nurturing and strengthening the relationship players have with their Bad Girlfriend. They even allow you to stake your Bad Girlfriend and earn $STYX to spend on their item shop. 



Krazy Crypto Zabies Club

Public mint date: 15th June 2022

Website: https://www.cryptozabies.com

Social media: Twitter Discord

Krazy Crypto Zabies Club

This collection is made up of 5,000 unique baby zombies. With three generations in total, each of these generations consists of a further 5,000 each. By getting involved and minting a Krazy Crypto Zabie, you are given access to the VIP members club where there are numerous perks and benefits. 



Final thoughts 

Whatever other NFT drops today, you should still be taking the time to check out these five. Why not dive into their websites and get to learn a little more about all that’s on offer?

If you want to stay up to date with upcoming NFTs, then we can help. Visit our upcoming NFT drops page and you’ll never miss out on the latest NFT projects. 


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